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Clean drinking water is essential for the growth and production of all livestock. This is especially true with cattle and dairy farms where we have seen weight loss and low milk production due to inadequate drinking water. RainDance Water Systems can help design and size a commercial water treatment system based on the size and water chemistry of your farm.
Pictured below is two of our most recent commercial reverse osmosis systems installed at an Arizona dairy farm and another for a cattle ranch located in New Mexico.
The dairy was experiencing low milk production as a result of poor water quality. Once their water had been analyzed we were then able to designed the proper water treatment system based on the water chemistry and size of the dairy.
Commercial reverse osmosis rated @ 40,000 gallon per day with pretreatment (pictured below)
As a result of clean drinking water and improved hydrology (due to the reduced surfaced tension of the water) the cattle have been drinking more water and milk production is up.
If you have issues with any of the following water contaminants we can help! : Bacteria, Nitrates, Iron, Manganese, Hydrogen Sulfide Gas, Salty Water, Sodium, Chloride, High SAR, High Total Dissolved Solids, Sulfate, Heavy Metals, and Organic Chemicals.
Unlike most companies , we are able to tailor our commercial water filters to fit your livestock needs. If you have already had your water tested please fax your water test results to 1-760-896-6999 Attention: Livestock Filter Recommendation (please include your email, contact information, and daily water usage). Our staff will then review your water chemistry and make the best possible water filter recommendation. You can also email your water report to:
Looking for an iron filter option without using chemicals? We suggest our high flow chemical-free Iron Max well water iron & manganese filter designed for livestock, poultry farms, growers, and irrigation water.  

Iron Max Well Water Filter Brochure: Click Here

equine water filterThe Ultimate Portable Water Purification System For Livestock Watering! High Capacity & Mobile - Built For Small, Medium and Large Livestock Farms & Horse Owners

Premium chemical free drinking water for Horse Owners, Equine Facilities, Training & Performance Barns, Cattle Dairies, Poultry Farms, Goats, Sheep, Agricultural Growers, Off-The-Grid Uses, Irrigation, Filling Water Tanks, Storage Tanks, Livestock Water and more! See our selection of Portable Water Purification Systems >>>>> Here 

Many livestock owners have heard that Nano Filtration Systems are effective at filtering and reducing unhealthy and even harmful contaminants from the water that your livestock drink. Some water will have some unhealthy matter in it, and this includes chlorinated chemical-treated municipally-treated water as well as your own private well or public well water sources. With NF Membrane systems, the water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane that captures 80-90% of these contaminants. Through this filtration process, the water can be healthier to drink and can taste better. NF systems can also remove hard water minerals without the use of chemicals or added salt.

The Rain-TPC Water Systems are unlike any other equine & livestock drinking water purification system on the market today! These are more than just simple cartridges, which don't compare to nano membrane filtration capabilities. Our nano membranes provide high productivity performance while filtering and reducing a high percentage of salty water, sodium, chloride, nitrates, sulfates, tannins, fluoride, hard water, bacteria, viruses, chlorine, and organic compounds such as pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, pharmaceuticals, THM precursors, and more, all without the use of chemicals. These systems are designed to filter both well water and city-treated water sources.

See our selection of Portable Water Purification Systems For The Home, Ranch, Farm, Boarding Facility & More >>>>> Here


Concerned about pesticides, organic chemicals, and sediment in your rural well water supply? The RainDance RDWS-NS Series is designed to filter oragnic chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides, as well as provide filtration of heavy sediment, sand, and turbidity for clear, better tasting drinking water for the home, farm, and livestock. The RDWS-NS filters provide well-rounded filtration in a single system with high flow and minimal pressure loss, eliminating the need for multiple costly cartridges. Self-cleaning, no-maintenance, and long-lasting farm water solutions!

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Nitrogen in the form of nitrate is not especially toxic, but when reduced in the rumen to nitrite and absorbed into the blood, nitrite reduces the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood by reacting with hemoglobin. When combined with levels of nitrate in certain livestock feed, the levels of nitrate in livestock water could be potentially dangerous, especially for young, pregnant, or milking animals. The Nitrate Eater is designed to treat high levels of nitrate for livestock tanks, automatic waterers, and surface water sources that any livestock, poultry, and equines may drink.

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High levels of sulfate in drinking water sources for livestock, poultry, and equine can have a laxative effect on farm animals. Sulfates can cause a bitter taste, resulting in poor hydration, loss of appetite, and even refusal to drink the water. The Sulfate Eater Series is designed to target high levels of sulfate and bring them down to manageable levels for livestock, poultry, swine, dairy farms, and equine facilities using well water or surface water sources. 

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High Capacity Well Water Iron & Manganese Removal, Sediment & Sand Filtration

Commercial Water filters designed to suit your needs! We can offer tailored made systems to meet customer specific needs, we are able to produce maximum efficiency and optimum filtration water filters based on your requirements. We can accommodate high commercial flow rate filtering applications - growers, irrigation, farming, car washes, golf courses, colleges, and more. We can meet or design these systems to accommodate your commercial flow rates from 10gpm to 200gpm.

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Reverse Osmosis Systems

Salty water from water wells or surface water sources can contain high levels of total dissolved solids (TDS). In livestock, poultry, and equine farms, animals can experience diahrrea, dehydration, and even refuse to drink water with high levels of salts. Reverse osmosis is designed to treat high levels of sulfates, chlorides, sodium, and overall TDS to provide clean, good-tasting drinking water to livestock, poultry, and equine facilities. 

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Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems

Bacteria is a well known problem among livestock, poultry, and equine farms. Agricultural run off, fertilizer, animal waste, and other sources can contaminant ground and surface water sources. Ultraviolet disinfection is regarded as the best way to ensure your livestock drinking water is safe for your animals. These UV disinfection systems offer a 4-log reduction (99.99%) in bacteria, viruses, and protozoan cysts (specifically giardia lamblia and cryptosporidium). This UV process is quick, simple, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly as it does not add anything to your water and creates no disinfection by-products. 

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commercial nanofiltration systems
vertical commercial reverse osmosis systems
High Capacity Commercial RO Packages

Our upgraded TV-RO Master Packages will up your production game with capacities starting at 2,000gpd and going up to 50,000gpd. Go even further with an all-out complete skid mounted purification system.

Reverse Osmosis Pre-Treatment

Reverse osmosis is known to treat many contaminants from the water, leading consumers believe it is the cure-all to their water problems. What isn't disclosed to the public or is found in very fine print is the operating limits of an RO. The proudly offers these details to our customers so we can plan the best course of action for your water!

We offer a variety of pre-treatment for well water, city water, and surface water sources. From our best selling All-in-One Iron Eater well & city water softener, to hard city water antiscalant systems and softeners, to post UV disinfection to ensure your water is safe, we have the knowledge and experience to treat your water right.

Water Filtration Systems for Agriculture & More


Remove Chemicals From Your Water Supply! Chlorine and Chloramine are far too-often dismissed but can have noticeable effects for city water users. Take down the chemicals with our most popular carbon & cat-carb filters!
1200gpd reverse osmosis craft brew water system

Master RO Packages

Remove High Minerals, TDS and Contaminants From Your Water Supply. Personalized packages custom-built to appeal to the individual markets in food & beverage services, featuring premium reverse osmosis for brewers, growers, blenders, and more!

Nano Filtration

Remove High Minerals, TDS and Contaminants From Your Water Supply.The latest water filtration technology is in nanofiltration. Remove a high percentage of contaminants while keeping essential minerals that your food, drinks, and plants will love!

Well Water Filters

Remove High Iron, Rust, Sediment, Manganese, Nitrates from Your Water Supply.  Is your farm or garden on well water? Find a multitude of well water solutions for just about any groundwater contaminants.

Water Softeners

Remove The Hard Water Minerals Calcium & Magnesium From Your Water Supply. Hard water can not only have its effects on your product, but on your water lines & equipment as well. Don't put up with scale - eliminate it!
Viqua PRO-20 UV System

Ultraviolet Disinfection

Remove Harmful Bacteria & Viruses From Your Water Supply. Innovative UV systems offer a simple, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly way of eliminating bacteria - ensure your water is safe from the source to the tap!

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Why do your reverse osmosis packages include a storage tank and delivery pump?

A: What many companies don't tell their inquiring customers is that a whole house or commercial reverse osmosis system will not provide filtered water to your taps without a collect-and-deliver system. After the filtration process, the purified RO water comes out as a small stream. A storage tank is needed to collect this water and the repressurization pump is installed after the storage tank to draw out water and deliver it to all your applications. 

Q. I already have a storage tank and/or pump. Can I buy the RO on its own?

A. Yes! Many businesses already utilize storage tanks or pumps, so we offer all of our reverse osmosis systems independently. Just let us know your desired capacity and we will set you up!

Q. I already have a softener or pre-treatment filter in place. Will your RO work with that?

A. Yes! As along as your pre-treatment system(s) are treating the water efficiently, our reverse osmosis systems can work with your preexisting water filter(s).

Q. I heard RO water is corrosive to copper pipes. What do you do about that?

A. Reverse osmosis systems can bring down pH levels, resulting in acidic water that can start to corrode copper plumbing. However, there is a simple fix for this! With all of our RO systems you can add our Post-pH Neutralizer & Remineralizer, which balances your pH back to neutral levels after the RO filtration process, and even brings some minerals back to the water for even better tasting drinking water.
Q. What are the benefits of you using Stainless Steel versus others' Aluminum or Powder Coated systems?

A. Reliability and durability! Stainless steel is strong and less likely to warp, deform, or bend under weight, force, or heat. Stainless steel doesn't rust or corrode, which is especially important on our brackish well water and sea water desalination systems. We build our systems to last a long time, and we won't cheap out on the frame that holds our systems together!

Don't see exactly what you need? Build it yourself!
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