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Hard water is one of the most common issues found in both city-treated and private well water sources. Hard water is comprised primarily of calcium and magnesium minerals, which in small amounts can provide a mineral taste that consumers enjoy. However, it doesn't take much for these minerals to become a problem not only for your beverage but on every water-using feature like steel vats, faucets, nozzles, hoses, and the plumbing fixtures throughout your business.

Brewers and growers alike can appreciate having calcium and magnesium in the water to provide proper yeast reactions or encourage healthy plant growth, but excessive amounts of these minerals may stunt the process, as well as cause buildup, scale, spotting, and mineral deposits on brewing equipment or irrigation systems.

Browse a variety of our water softening and water conditioning systems below, suitable for brewing, bottling, and growing businesses looking to save their equipment from the effects of hard water issues.

Commercial Water Softeners from RainDance Water Systems
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Simplex - Term used for a single vessel system. We supply industrial softeners that regenerate on either a time controlled basis or meter controlled for where the usage will tend to vary from day to day. Typical application are where the usage per day has been calculated and will not vary hugely.
Duplex - Term used to describe a twin alternating softener system. As with the simplex system, when the programmed volume has been reached, the service unit that is exhausted goes immediately into regen and the unit that was in stand by automatically goes into service thus ensuring 24/7 soft water production. Typical applications are Hotels, Restaurants, Car Washes and where the anticipated usage is not accurate or may well increase during seasonal operations.
Triplex - Term used to describe a three vessel system. This will enable you to achieve high service flow rates should high peak flow rates be required. The system sensors will monitor flow rates and makes two of the three units come into service should the demand require it. As with a Duplex system, when the programmed capacity has been reached, the exhausted unit goes into regeneration while the other two continue on in service. each unit has its own individual controls so they can be programmed to run in a number of formats to suit the clients requirements. Typical applications are large hotels, leisure parks and bottling plants.
Quad - This is fundamentally the same as a Triplex system, only using 4 vessels configured to suit the customers flow rate requirements. Generally only used where very high flow rates are required on a constant basis.
Water Softeners For Cooling Towers & Boilers: Scale or lime-scale is a hard, rock-like deposit of calcium or magnesium salts that forms in heat exchangers and cooling tower packing as a result of heat and increased concentration factor. Scale formation impairs heat transfer, interferes with flow and cooling, and can be a breeding ground for legionella bacteria. The scaling tendency of a water supply will depend on the hardness of the water but if not adequately treated even relatively soft waters can become highly scaling when concentrated by evaporation. Cooling water scale control can be achieved by removing hard water using water softeners from RainDance Water Systems.

Whether your project is a high rise apartment building, school building, hospital, car wash, casino, farming, agriculture, office building, larger residential home, commercial laundry, restaurant... RainDance Water Systems can help determine the best possible commercial water softener solutions for your needs. Enjoy the benefits and the latest user friendly commercial water softening system technologies!

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