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Hard water is one of the most common issues found in both city-treated and private well water sources. Hard water is comprised primarily of calcium and magnesium minerals, which in small amounts can provide a mineral taste that consumers enjoy. However, it doesn't take much for these minerals to become a problem not only for your beverage but on every water-using feature like steel vats, faucets, nozzles, hoses, and the plumbing fixtures throughout your business.

Brewers and growers alike can appreciate having calcium and magnesium in the water to provide proper yeast reactions or encourage healthy plant growth, but excessive amounts of these minerals may stunt the process, as well as cause buildup, scale, spotting, and mineral deposits on brewing equipment or irrigation systems.

Browse a variety of our water softening and water conditioning systems below, suitable for brewing, bottling, and growing businesses looking to save their equipment from the effects of hard water issues.

Commercial Water Conditioners, Scale Prevention, No Salt, No Chemicals, Eco-Friendly
Proven Green Technology for Hard Water & Limescale Treatment
Use for Growers, Cooling Towers, Boiler Feed Water, Casinos, Resorts, Hospitals, Schools, Restaurant, Farm, Organic Farms, Apartment Buildings, Heat Exchangers, Humidifiers, Condensers, Irrigation Systems, Ice Making Machines, Dish Washers, Bottle Washers, Spray Nozzles, Protects Water Using Appliances and Plumbing From Hard Water Scale!

​​Hard water scale blocks nozzles, coats pipework, and significantly decreases the efficiency of boilers and heat exchangers leading to substantially increased energy consumption. Our scale prevention products offer a proven water softener alternative and can be found all over the world successfully preventing scale in industrial, commercial, and residential settings.

Unlike the majority of water softener alternatives, our scale prevention units require no power, no maintenance, and no space as they simply replace an existing section of pipe. There’s no water wasted, no backwash cycle, no salt and products are compliant with NSF 61/372. Product life is typically 15+ years.

​Our scale prevention systems give most of the benefits of your typical water softener at a fraction of the price, with additional benefits such as:
  • Easy installation  
  • Fit and forget  
  • Uses no electricity  
  • Uses no chemicals  
  • Uses no salts  
  • No detrimental affect on potable/drinking water   
  • Environment friendly  
  • No contaminated waste water  

Commercial Scale Prevention Products - Available Worldwide

Commercial No-Scale Technology
Available pipe sizes from 3/4" to 3" - Flow Rates from 1gpm to 150+gpm
The catalytic core in this system causes a reaction to take place that prevents scaling caused by hard water. Unlike conventional water softeners that physically remove minerals, the catalytic reaction forces minerals associated with scale (calcium and carbon) out of solution. These minerals are suspended in the form of microscopic crystals (calcium carbonate in the aragonite state). As a result of this treatment there are insufficient scale causing minerals left in solution for scaling to occur as the water passes through the system. It inhibits the development of scale in both hot and cold water systems reducing the formation of damaging hard scale deposits in appliances and reduces the cost of energy that the presence of hard scale causes in heating systems.

Industrial No-Scale Technology
Available pipe sizes from 2" to 12" - Flow Rates from 200gpm to 2,000+gpm
Industrial scale systems operate as a catalyst using the pH rise generated by the special alloy core to trigger precipitation of calcium carbonate in the bulk of the water forming stable crystals. The result is a water that has less calcium and carbon available in solution. That solution has the characteristics of a softer water and therefore does not deposit scale as it passes through the system. The industrial-sized scale prevention systems are the ideal solution to hard water scaling for top-performing companies requiring a constant supply of treated water with no shutdowns for maintenance. Used in leading manufacturing, brewing, food processing, beverage, restaurant, and water companies in 40 countries on 5 continents with no limit to the expansion of this treatment technology. 

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