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With the legalization of cannabis farming in more and more states, growers are taking their water into serious consideration. While straight tap water or certain well water sources are perfectly fine to produce good crops, in an expanding competitive market, good won't make the cut. Commercial cannabis cultivators need to dive into their water chemistry and find out what high-yielding marijuana plants need to thrive.

Most water sources in the US, including city-treated water, well water, rain water, sea water, and river water, will contain some level of undesirable contaminants that may limit the yield in your plants. From chemicals to metals to salts to bacteria - you need to know what's in your water and how it affects your crop. Growers spend a pretty penny on nutrients and additives to give their plants what they need but often forget to factor in the nutrients already provided in their water. The result is excessive minerals and high nutrients that cause deficiencies or nutrient lock-out and restrict crop growth. In addition to plant health, your irrigation system can be affected by high salts and mineral content too, resulting in more maintenance.

To ensure your plants receive a balanced nutrient regimen, start with a blank canvas - pure water that stays consistently pure so you know exactly what's feeding your plants. Reverse osmosis has gained popularity among vineyards, nurseries, and grow farms that like to monitor their plant growth and control the nutrients that go into their product. RO systems can reduce a variety of contaminants like total dissolved solids (TDS), sulfates, nitrates, heavy metals, sodium chloride, and others that may be inhibiting plant growth. As a fast-growing market, legal marijuana growers can now jump on the bandwagon and give their plants the treatment they need.

Whether you're growing in a warehouse, greenhouse, your house, or outdoors, crops enjoy a balanced water chemistry with no fluctuation. Greenhouse growers may require different filtration needs than outdoor growers, and residential growers won't need the same systems warehouse growers require. Get a water filtration system that is built to your specific needs - not pulled from the shelf or mass-produced and sold as the cure-all. Let Clean Brew Water build the right filtration system your plants will love!

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Since the legalization in many states across the United States, commercial marijuana farms are sprouting up everywhere. Cannabis cultivation is a closely monitored and controlled agricultural production, whether it's indoor farming (using hydroponics) or outdoor farming. Between competing farms, businesses must focus on the quality of their product before the quantity

Whether you're growing with well water or city water, surface water sources or chemically treated water sources, growers should know what's in their water and how it affects their crop. Commercial cannabis farms utilize a variety of costly nutrients and additives to provide the perfect balanced regimen for the their plants, but often forget that the water provides its own nutrients.

​Chemical properties such as chlorine/chloramine, fluoride, pesticides, soluble salts, and pH all play a roll in plant production. Even in certain cases, elements like boron, iron, and manganese can take a toll on plants. In addition to chemical properties, physical properties can affect not only plant growth but irrigation equipment as well. Suspended solids such as soil particles and mineral deposits can clog nozzles and cause abrasion of irrigation equipment, resulting in labor-intensive cleaning or replacing. 

So what can marijuana farmers do to optimize plant growth and produce a high-yielding farm? Make the investment that will pay for itself when you experience the results first-hand - 
water filtration. Clean Brew Water has branched out into the agricultural world to offer water filtration systems customized for the individual growers' needs. Our design team will work with you to find the best water treatment route for you and your plants. We're here to provide water treatment systems for a variety of contaminants such as total dissolved solids (TDS), sodium, sulfate, nitrate, electrical conductivity, chloride, bicarbonates, hardness, silica, iron, manganese, sediment, sand, turbidity, arsenic, bacteria such as e-coli and coliform, viruses, and more. You'll find a variety of treatment options we offer below, popular for agricultural uses utilizing well water, municipal water, or surface water sources.

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